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Angela R. Curry, CPA

Highlands Certified Career Consultant

and Life Coach

Curan Consulting Company was founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 2002 as a Financial & Accounting Services firm by Angela R. Curry, CPA., providing Supervisory Oversight, Business Process Reviews, Change Management & Process Improvement Services, in addition to providing Financial and Accounting services.

Over time, the company's mission has evolved to include empowering clients to discover and utilize their natural gifts and talents, effectively evaluate human resource needs and create cohesive work teams to operate at peak performance.

Further, we are committed to youth empowerment. Our programs allow youth to be in a position to make a good first choice in the areas of education and career through understanding their natural gifts and talents at an early stage in life. Hence, in 2008, we added Highlands Certification to our resume and added The Highlands Ability Battery and Highlands programs to our service offering.

Curan Consulting Company is committed to providing awareness and access to tools and techniques to empower anyone who desires it, "To Walk,Talk and Breathe Success" at any stage of their career. We look forward to working with you.


Angela R. Curry, CPA (Georgia & Texas)

Highlands Certified Consultant & member of the NCDA (National Career Development Association)

Coach Angela Rose at

Founder & CEO of Curan Consulting Company


Please Call for your Question and Inquiries

1 (678) 778-9635 

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