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Benefits of Career Coaching and the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB)

Career Coaching

  • Personalized Guidance: Career coaching provides one-on-one support tailored to the individual's unique career goals, challenges, and strengths, offering personalized strategies for success.

  • Goal Clarification: Coaches help individuals identify their true career aspirations and set realistic, achievable goals, making the path forward clearer and more focused.

  • Enhanced Self-Awareness: Through reflective conversations and exercises, coaching helps individuals gain deeper insights into their values, interests, and motivations, leading to more fulfilling career choices.

  • Skill Development: Coaches work with individuals to identify skill gaps and develop essential skills for career advancement, including leadership, communication, and problem-solving abilities.

  • Increased Confidence: By affirming strengths and achievements, coaching boosts self-esteem and confidence, empowering individuals to pursue their career goals more assertively.

  • Accountability: Regular check-ins provide a framework for accountability, encouraging consistent progress towards career objectives.

  • Network Expansion: Career coaches often help individuals expand their professional networks, connecting them with opportunities and resources they might not have found on their own.

  • Stress Reduction: Coaches provide support in navigating career transitions and challenges, reducing the stress and anxiety associated with change.

Highlands Ability Battery


Highlands Ability Battery provides all the following benefits:

• Defines your Natural Abilities                     • Promotes Self-awareness

• Builds Confidence - Reduces Stress                           • Guides Educational Choices

• Trains You to Talk to Admissions Officers & Employment Prospects

• Leads to Success & Self-Fulfillment


The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) and debrief sessions are available through Highlands Certified Consultants throughout the world. Making the investment of time and resources to discover what you were born to do will provide you with returns that last a lifetime. As Highlands Certified Consultants and Life Coaches, we are committed to providing you with the tools you need to discover true enjoyment and lasting success in your career.


Now you are ready for the next steps. It is as easy as 1-2-3-4!


1. Purchase Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) Online Test through Curan Consulting Company

Go to the "Purchase HAB" tab at The discounted regular price is $475.00 when paid in full at time of purchase. Regular price is $495.00. A payment plan option is also available at the cost of $500.00 consisting of a $250 deposit due at time of purchase to receive your HAB code and $250 final payment due at time of debrief session. The price quoted includes an eCopy of "Don't Waste Your Talent" by Bob McDonald, a $20.95 Value, and a follow-up session.


2. Complete Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) Test and review your 22-page results report. Your reporting will include a Career Explorer Supplement with hot links to O*Net (, the US Department of Labors Occupational Information Network of over 1,000 occupations. Your report will contain a list occupations to consider that is based on your individual abilities. A powerful insight tool to utilize when creating your Action plan.


3. Set appointment with Angela R. Curry (Texas), Curan Consulting Company, for a 2-hour debrief session to review your results (678) 778-9635 and create an Action Plan for next steps. 


4. Develop Your Personal Vision - Your purchase includes a 1 hour follow-up session to be scheduled at your convenience within 12 months after your debrief session. Working in the tools the HAB provides, you will be well on your way to "Walking, Talking and Breathing Success".


Call today for your FREE 30 minute consultation!

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