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Q: Why a Resume Review and LinkedIn Optimization?

A: A resume review and LinkedIn optimization are crucial steps in preparing for a job search, offering multiple benefits that can significantly enhance a candidate's visibility and appeal to potential employers. Firstly, a professional resume review ensures that your resume is not only error-free but also strategically emphasizes your strengths, achievements, and skills in a manner that aligns with industry standards and job requirements, making your application stand out in a competitive job market. Furthermore, optimizing your LinkedIn profile increases your online professional presence, making it easier for recruiters to find you. It involves updating your profile with a professional photo, compelling summary, and detailed experience that mirror your resume, along with endorsements and recommendations that add credibility to your skills and background. This dual approach not only showcases your qualifications in the best light but also leverages the power of professional networking, significantly increasing your chances of landing your desired job.

Q: Why choose Highlands Ability Battery (HAB)?

A: The HAB is an objective measure of your innate abilities. It is not a subjective test based on mood or preference at the time of testing. The HAB is also timed. Given enough time, anyone can accomplish and complete any test, but because the HAB is timed, your natural abilities are quickly highlighted. Finally, Highlands utilizes a "Whole Person Approach" encompassing 8 factors to create a balanced approach to career planning. Check out:


Q: What is the cost of the Online version of Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) through Curan Consulting Company?

A: $475.00 if paid in full at time of purchase. Or you have the option to make two payments of $250.00 each ($500.00 total).

Q. What is included in the purchase price?

A. This price includes:

Your HAB Online Test CodeA 22-page results report including a Career Explorer Supplement with hot links to O*Net (, the US Department of Labors Occupational Information Network of over 1,000 occupations. Your report will provide a list occupations to consider that is based on your unique abilities that serves as a powerful tool to be utilized when creating your Action plan.A 2-hour debrief sessionAn eCopy of the book, "Don't Waste Your Talent" by Bob McDonald, shipping & handling, a $20.95 valueAnd finally, a 1-hour follow-up session to be scheduled at your convenience within 12-months after your debrief session.


Q: What is your refund policy?

A: Full refund within 72 hours of purchase, if you have not registered your HAB code online. Simply send an email to customer service ( and you will receive a full refund of the purchase price. Keep the copy of the book, "Don't Waste Your Talent" as our gift to you.


Q: What does registering qualify me for?

A: Registering qualifies you request a 30 minute chat to discuss your career path and an eCopy of the book, "Don't Waste Your Talent" by Bob McDonald - a $20.95 value for FREE.


Q: Do I have to make a purchase to register?

A: No purchase is required to register.


Q: What are the system requirements for using the Online version of the Highlands Ability Battery?

A: Access to a PC

- Be sure to have sound (use of wired headphones is highly recommended)

- Use of an attachable wired mouse is recommended for best results (not touch pad or roller ball)


Q: How long does it take to complete the battery?

A: Estimated time to complete is 3 ½ to 4 hours. For your convenience, you are not required to complete all testing in one sitting. The test consists of 19 timed exercises that measure and define your natural abilities. This is not like any other test you've ever taken. In each exercise, you use your keyboard to solve a puzzle that tells us something about you. Each exercise is approximately 10-15 minutes each. The most important factor for good results is to have a quiet environment and not allow any interruptions during testing.


Q: What are the benefits of the 2-hour debrief session?

A: To receive the full benefit of testing, the debrief session will provide clarification of Highlands' terminology and the opportunity to explore your options and possibilities, and map out your next steps on the path of discovery. This process is the foundation for developing a long-term career strategy.


Q: How are debrief sessions conducted?

A: Debrief sessions can be conducted in person, via Zoom, Skype or over the phone at your convenience.


Q: What are the benefits of the 1-hour follow-up session?

A: Once you complete your debrief session, you will be equipped with all the tools you need to create a Personal Action Plan. The follow-up session, allows you an opportunity to discuss and share your ideas and receive additional advice and support. This process is another step for developing a long-term career strategy.


Q: What is the recommended age for taking the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB)?

A: Highlands testing is recommended for adults and teens. Adults starting a new career or at mid-career considering a career change are greatly benefited by the insights provided by Highlands testing. In today's climate of downsizing, layoffs and restructuring, it is critical to have full awareness of your natural gifts and talents to empower you to position yourself for success at all times. By the age of fourteen, your natural abilities have matured enough to be defined and measured. We recommend testing as early as junior year in high school. But, no matter who you are or what the current stage of your career or education, you can count on your ability profile to be a practical, objective way to provide you with direction and focus. You will gain the knowledge that allows you to make practical decisions about educational choices and career options.


Q: I am already on the job and committed to a career, but I feel dissatisfied. Will I need to make a complete overhaul of my job and career to benefit from Highlands testing?

A: Probably not. It is our experience that most people can feel significantly different and better about their careers and lives with something closer to a 10% change rather than a complete overhaul. The difficult part is in finding the right 10%. The place to start looking is not "out there somewhere." Usually it is inside - within ourselves. Highlands testing and programs can help you to identify the right 10% to consider changing and assist you with an action plan to implement change. Check out:


Q: I'm a high school senior and I have no clue what I want to study in college. Can't I just wait until I get there to figure it out?

A: The key to success in college is to define for yourself what has meaning for you and to understand your natural gifts and talents. The Highlands program is a process students can use to come up with 2 - 3 reasonable options to explore to discover the best fit for future career options. Check out: 


Q: I'm a sophomore in college, isn't it too early for me to be thinking about life after college?

A: The transition from high school to college is the first important Turning Point in our adult lives. College is meant to be a place to make the jump from the security of the family, where adults take charge of things, to becoming an adult and taking care of yourself. To effectively make this transition, college has to be more than just a place away from the family. It has to be a place where a teenager can mature and grow. Too many students don't make the jump. There are more young adults 22-29 living at home with their parents than at any time since the Great Depression. Prepare now to make a successful jump. Students with 2 or 3 clear ideas or career goals significantly increase their chances of enjoying college and being successful in college and beyond. Check out:


Q: What services does Curan Consulting Company provide?

A: 1. Highlands Ability Battery (HAB)

    2. BG5 Business Services - Financial Services, Accounting and Team analysis Consulting (call for more info)

    3. Supplemental Resources:

        a. HeartMath, LLC. ( - provides tools and techniques for stress relief and management:

           "A Change of Heart Changes Everything"

B. Nightingale-Conant ( - is the industry leader in success, personal development and motivation

C. Brainscape ( ) - specializes in vocabulary programs. A broad general vocabulary is key to success in school and business​.

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