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Individual Assessments

Resume and Linkedin profile optimization in addition to offering The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) which is an objective measure of your innate abilities. It is not a subjective test based on mood or preference at the time of testing. The HAB is also timed. Given enough time, anyone can accomplish and complete any test, but because the HAB is timed, your natural abilities are quickly highlighted and summarized in a detailed report with career suggestions based on your strongest abilities and more.

Group Assessments

Customized Group Programs are available to empower clients to discover and utilize their natural gifts and talents, effectively evaluate human resource needs and create cohesive work teams to operate at peak performance.

Personal Vision Programs

Once the Resume and Linkedin profile optimization and Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) are completed, additional consultation and coaching is available through our intensive Personal Vision Program. Our methodology takes into account the whole person, and our process is thorough enough to serve that person—you— throughout all of life’s turning points to allow you "To Walk, Talk and Breathe Success" at any stage of your life and career.




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